Aviation Susceptibility Assessment Technology (ASAT) is a consulting firm that specializes in threat assessments and protective measures from man-portable surface to air threats: specifically, mitigation techniques and technology for aircrew, aircraft, and law enforcement. ASAT performs MANPADS susceptibility assessments and tailored instruction to aviation and law enforcement agencies on these types of threats. Instruction from basic knowledge such as weapon identification and capabilities, to more advanced topics of weapon employment, user tactics, and the self-assessment technique. Our processes utilize similar methods that have been developed by the U.S. Government. ASAT is comprised of prior military aviators and offers agencies a go-to entity to help focus resources, create counter-measures, and guide plans to counter these threats. We offer specialized knowledge and unique perspectives on enemy tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs).






ASATCorp is a  Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).