Threat Assessments


ASAT uses a unique process composed of predictive analysis and critical thinking to identify areas of interest to government entities for the mitigation of certain threats. We are a resource that can augment  countermeasure and plan development.

Threat Assessments for:

  • Civilian Agencies
  • Military Installations
  • Military Training Routes
  • Mitigation Planning  




Available to aviation and law enforcement agencies and military security forces is instruction regarding certain threats to the homeland. This includes basic identification and  capability to advanced self-assessments and mitigation planning. Higher classification presentations are available with the appropriate security clearance and the need to know.


Offering education services for airlift aircrew specializing in tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) and electronic warfare (EW)

 regarding both blue and red forces.  These services are available only to military and civilian aircrew with the appropriate security clearance and the need to know.